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by SC

Being that I am in the customer service business, I recognize great
service from a mile away. They had me in and out of there in no time
at all. If you have a business and you want pointers on how to
maintain customer retention, the staff at Unique Vision Care have set
the tone. When I walked in Jaime Jones greeted me with a warm smile
and walked me through the process with a servants heart. “Yes Sir”,
“No Sir”, “With pleasure”….Perfect in every way.
Within minutes, Dr. Shuwarger, who asked me to call him “Lee”, invited
me into his office for the examination. He made me feel welcome with
his warm personality and great sense of humor and before I knew it we
were finshed.
On my way out, Carolyn Synder very professional excepted my payment,
set my follow-up appointment and send me away with a smile.
In all seriousness, if you or anyone you know needs glasses, contacts,
sunglasses, reading glasses or anything else concerning there
eyes…you would be a fool to go anywhere else.
Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Thank you Dr. Shuwarger…you’re the best.

by LongLiveVinny
Dr. Lee and his staff are freaking awesome. We have a large family, and they have treated us with exceptional care. They are very flexible in terms of scheduling, and we never feel rushed or hurried when we have an appointment. Dr. Lee tells some great jokes, and loves to talk Notre Dame and UCLA football…or at least talk about the downfall of those two programs. I’d recommend Unique Vision Care to anyone.

by Paul S
My family and myself have been going to Dr, Shuwarger for several years now. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, the prices are very reasonable, and Dr. Shuwarger does an excellent job each and every time we go there. I have been to quite a few optometrists over the last 30 or so years, and I have not found anyone better.

by minnok77
Dr. Lee has been my optometrist for many years, long before he opened Unique Vision Care. I followed him and his practice each time he made a move to a new location. I cannot imagine having anyone but Dr. Lee as my optometrist. I walk into Unique Vision Care and it is like visiting old friends. They have always bent over backwards to help me any problem that I have had. For example, I selected a pair of frames that within a couple of months of purchase broke. They sent the frames off and in a short period of time I had brand new frames, which then broke again in a matter of a few weeks. The problem was with the design of the frame. It was just too fragile. I went in very sheepishly the 2nd time, thinking they would question how I was breaking the frames. Nothing could be further from the truth. They were extremely apologetic and made me feel like a valued customer…no, a valued friend. Dr. Lee is such a sweet, caring man and every person that has worked in that office has been just as sweet and caring.

by Christen
Unique Vision Care is the ONLY place I will go for my glasses or contacts. I have known Dr. Shuwarger for years and have never once had a problem. He and his staff are very courteous and helpful. They even took care of my family when we all needed new glasses but needed to arrange a payment plan.
Dr. Shuwarger is more qualified and certainly nicer than any other optometrists I have seen. I highly recommend Unique Vision Care.

by happycostumer
I’ve been going to Dr. Shuwager for many, many years. His staff is genial and helpful and I’ve never once had a problem. My lenses have always arrived within the time frame I was quoted. And Dr. Shuwager is always professional and thorough. He’s also very kind and giving. I plan to stay with his office forever.