Stylish Sunglasses for Men and Boys




Care Instructions: A) Do not expose to excessive heat or moisture (B) Do not use oil, soap, varnish, color or any other liquid or solvent to clean the surface. (C) Do not scratch, strike or hit the metalparts. (D) Always store in a soft dry neutral cotton bag in a dry, well ventilated area
Tony Stark Blue Sunglasses for Men & Boys, Frame Material:- Metal | Frame Colour- Silver
Lens Material:- Polycarbonate | Lens Colour:-Sky Blue
100% UV Protection Sunglasses, Lens Width: 60 MM , Nasal Space : 20 mm , Height of The Frame:43 mm , Legs Length:142 mm , Total Width: 153 mm
Occasion:- Fashion , Stylish , Driving , Modelling, Daily use
The most classic style making these sunglasses collectable for every Sunglasses collector, complement your style all the time.


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