Forever Care Pro

 ‘FOREVER CARE PRO’ is the result  of long research and hard work which control your blood sugar, with is regular dosages you’ll feel your self result in few days.
“As a Dietary Supplement
It helps to maintain healthy blood sugar level. It also helps to provide energy to weak persons.
According to Ayurveda
In forever care pro  Ayurveda the excessive level of glucose in blood can be correlated to the lack of exercise, improper food habits like excessive use of sticky and heavy products, decrease in the insulin secretion or it may be an acquired problem . Due to these reasons Doshas (Humours) get vitiated. Main biological humour that is involved here is Kapha (Water) and most affected parts of body are fatty layer, lymph, pancreas, immunity and urinary tract.”


19 thoughts on “Forever Care Pro

  1. ardhendu says:

    খুব ভাল পণ্য, আমার পুরো পরিবার এটি গ্রহণ করে, আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ

  2. arnab says:


  3. aadesh chattargi says:

    আমার অর্ডার সম্পর্কে তথ্য প্রয়োজন

  4. preetum rajput says:

    how to cansel order in online purchasing ,i have select wrong product,please help

    1. UVC team says:

      please send your consignment and order number

  5. depesh gautam says:

    good and nice product ,can you please provide such product for 1 month course,my friend need it but only for 1 month

  6. moh.irfan khan says:

    do you have any branch in UAE dubai ,or can you send me this product at my present address in dubai

  7. Raman Kumar says:

    Very poor response to customer I order forever product and I got the consignment opened when i asked company to replace with fresh one,lot of excuses is made by company, and even they are imposing that that I had opened it,very poor customer response

    1. Raman Kumar says:

      very good company I will buy all its products

      1. Unique Vision Care says:

        thank you for your valuable feedback

    2. Unique Vision Care says:

      sorry for this inconvenience ,can you please share your order number and customer id detail

  8. Shubham pawar says:

    Please provide your address

    1. Unique Vision Care says:

      dear sir ,our address is already mention on our site ,please check on this

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